Oct 10, 2014

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

It's hard for some iPhone users to transfer files from their new devices to the new one when they get a new Apple device. Take iPhone 6 for example, since iPhone 6 has released on September, many iPhone users have changed their iPhone devices to the newest one, and the most important thing they need to do is to transfer files like music, videos, contacts etc. to iTunes, and then they can restore them to the new device without re-buying them. iPod is the same, when you are bored with the music in your iPod, you need to save music to iTunes so that you can use them whenever you need.

iPod is a portable Apple device which can be used to listen to music, view pictures, watch movies and even play games. The most popular function of iPod is the music function as its high sound quality. So how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes is the problem we need to solve. The first thing comes to your mind may be “how do I transfer music from iPod to iTunes?” when you want to save your iPod music. Here I introduce you iPod Transfer which can help you transfer songs from iPod to iTunes easily.

As Wins version and Mac version act in the same way, take Win version for example. Below are the steps:

Step 1: Launch iPod to iTunes Transfer, and then plug in your iPod

Step 2: Select music files and click “Export” button to iTunes

Step 3: Set the Output folder at “Advanced>Options”

Step 4: View the transferred music files on Computer

When the transferring finish, you will see your music display on iTunes. And you can delete your music files on iPod without worrying. Whenever you want to get them back, you just need to log in iTunes. If you have any questions about how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes, just seek iPod Transfer for help. Not only music, but videos, pictures and Podcast can be transferred, and it is completely safe.