Oct 20, 2014

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

"Who knows how to transfer songs from pc to iPhone?" 
I bought iPhone 6 a few days ago, and I want to transfer files from my iPhone 5 to iPhone 6. I have already backup all the music files on my computer, so what I need to do is just transfer them to my newest iPhone. Here comes the question, I don’t how to transfer music from computer to iPhone. Anyone who can help me with this problem will be appreciated.

According to most iPhone users, one of their most annoying issues is that transfer music from computer to iPhone. There is no doubt that Apple device especially iPhone are making a growing influence in our life. More and more people are most likely to choose iPhone when they want to purchase new cell phones. That is a trend which can’t be copied by other mobile phone brands.
So files transfer especially music transfer become necessary. Users always need to transfer music from computer to iPhone so that they can enjoy the music. But how can they do that? How to transfer songs from computer to iPhone? Here I suggest you to try iPhone transfer.
This software ensures you to transfer music to iPhone in an easy way. You can focus on the following steps:

Step 1: Install and launch iPhone Transfer on PC, then connect your iPhone to PC

Step 2: Click “Music” and then click “Add” button to choose music files you want

Step 3: Start transferring and you can see your wanted music on iPhone

iPhone Transfer make it easier on how to transfer music from computer to iPhone. It is suitable for iPhone 4/5/5s/5c, iPod, iPad 2/3/4/ mini/air and it acts in a smooth way. As for PC, Win version and Mac version are provided. The most important thing is that iPhone Transfer is totally safe, you don’t need to worry about it’s harmful on iPhone.

Oct 14, 2014

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone

Apple devices especially iPhone is playing an important role in recent year. No matter where you go, as long as people talking about cell phones, iPhone must be an indispensable topic. Till now, iPhone has developed into a strong and stable phone brand and it still growing in a fast rate since iPhone 6 has been released.
Because of its development, a great number of applications are created to serve for iPhone. That ensures iPhone users can enjoy various functions. And for this reason, there are also many problems when users using iPhone. When users change their iPhone to the new one, what they most probably want to know is how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone.

Music function is one of the most important parts on iPhone. And a convenient tool is needed to be used to transfer music. Here I introduce you iPhone transfer which can help you solve the problem that how to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone.

Follow the steps below to transfer iPhone music to iPhone:

Step 1: Download iPhone Transfer and launch it, then connect both of your iPhones with computer.

Step 2: Click the iPhone you're going to export the songs, and click "Music" button on top.

Step 3: Click "Export to" and then you can transfer music from one iPhone to another.

By following the steps above, you will find it easy to solve the issue that how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone. In addition, iPhone Transfer can not only transfer music, but also transfer photos, videos and contacts etc. Besides, you can use it to transfer music from iPhone to computer or iPod to computer. Don’t hesitate to try it! It’s completely safe.

Oct 10, 2014

How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

It's hard for some iPhone users to transfer files from their new devices to the new one when they get a new Apple device. Take iPhone 6 for example, since iPhone 6 has released on September, many iPhone users have changed their iPhone devices to the newest one, and the most important thing they need to do is to transfer files like music, videos, contacts etc. to iTunes, and then they can restore them to the new device without re-buying them. iPod is the same, when you are bored with the music in your iPod, you need to save music to iTunes so that you can use them whenever you need.

iPod is a portable Apple device which can be used to listen to music, view pictures, watch movies and even play games. The most popular function of iPod is the music function as its high sound quality. So how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes is the problem we need to solve. The first thing comes to your mind may be “how do I transfer music from iPod to iTunes?” when you want to save your iPod music. Here I introduce you iPod Transfer which can help you transfer songs from iPod to iTunes easily.

As Wins version and Mac version act in the same way, take Win version for example. Below are the steps:

Step 1: Launch iPod to iTunes Transfer, and then plug in your iPod

Step 2: Select music files and click “Export” button to iTunes

Step 3: Set the Output folder at “Advanced>Options”

Step 4: View the transferred music files on Computer

When the transferring finish, you will see your music display on iTunes. And you can delete your music files on iPod without worrying. Whenever you want to get them back, you just need to log in iTunes. If you have any questions about how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes, just seek iPod Transfer for help. Not only music, but videos, pictures and Podcast can be transferred, and it is completely safe.

Oct 9, 2013

How to Transfer Music from iPod to Mac

How can I transfer music from my iPod to a new Macbook Pro?
My laptop got ruined in a car accident, so I bought a new Macbook. However, I am having trouble transferring the music. When I connect it to the computer, and iTunes opens, it won't allow me to select "Enable Disk Use." It's an iPod classic that was used on a PC. I know there is a way to retrieve purchases from iTunes, but a lot of music I have on my iPod came from other sources... I appreciate any help I can get!

According to this question, you should notes that music stored on your computer might become lost or corrupted, and you could find yourself in a situation where your iPod has the only copies of the files. You can manually move the music files from your iPod onto a computer so that you can keep your music, without having to repurchase titles that you already own. In terms of the stability and security of the data, iPod Transfer can help you in this way. You can transfer music from iPod to Mac and backup them on computer in case of some incidents like the above. What’s more, iPod Transfer for Mac can also sync your music files of iPod to Mac automatically the moment you connect your iPod to the computer. You can go through the instructions below to know about how iPod Transfer for Mac works.


Step 1: Run this software and connect iPod to Mac

Step 2: Transfer music from iPod to Mac

Step 3: Save the music to folder

Step 4: Finish the transferring

iPod Transfer is specially designed for Mac OS, and you don't need to worry about how to transfer Music from iPod to Mac. What's more it support to back up more iPod contents from iPod to Mac, iPod to iTunes, iPod to iPod and Mac to iPod transfer is also available.
It can transfer music from iPod to Mac free, as well as movies, photos, books, Podcasts, ePub, PDF, TV Shows ,etc. 

Oct 7, 2013

How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

As a music lover, you cannot miss the smart music player – iPod classic. As a professional music player, the device enables you to store huge numbers of songs and offers you excellent tone quality. You can enjoy and relax yourself after busy work. However, new music comes up everyday. One day you will find that your iPod classic is just full and cannot store any song. Thus you need to copy these songs to your computer to save them for a long time.
In order to copy music from iPod classic to your computer, you may need a special iPod to computer transfer tool to help you, and that's why I here to write the article. The best iPod to computer transfer tool is called iPod Transfer, which enables you to do the transfer in just one click. Can't wait experiencing iPod Transfer? Now I will show you how to do the transfer step by step.

Step 1: Run Software and Connect iPod to Computer

Step 2: Click "Export" button and Start Transfer

Step 3: Set the Output folder at Advanced

Step 4:View the transferred Music files on Computer

With iPod Transfer software, you can quickly know how to transfer music from iPod to Computer, and even transfer your songs, playlists and videos straight to iTunes. And it works with all models of iPod, iPhone and iPad and is available for both PC and Mac. Download to have your favorite songs on your iPod easily accessible on your computer.

Sep 26, 2013

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes

It is inevitably for someone that they may lose their iTunes library, or they encounter computer crash and have to format the computer. Consequently, where are the data? Where are their favorite music, photos, and videos? Can they get them back and how? Since the data are still on the iPhone, all the data including the songs can be transferred from iPhone to iTunes library as easy as you can expect. iPhone to iTunes Transfer is a very useful software which you can help  you find out how to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes.
iPhone Transfer can help you transfer songs to iTunes library as well as copy music to computer easily within a few minutes. You can have a look at the instructions about the operating process about iPhone to iTunes Transfer software.

Part 1: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes For Windows User?
Step 1: Lauch iPhone to Computer Transfer then plug in your iPhone/iPod/iPad
Step 2 : Select Music files and click “Export” button to iTunes
Step 3: Set the Output folder at Advanced->Options
Step 4: View the transferred music files on Computer

Part 2: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes For Mac User?
Step 1: Download, install and run the software
Step 2: Select music you want to transfer in iPhone list
Step 3: Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes library

When it's done, you've got your iPhone music neatly and conveniently on your Mac, and you can add them to your library. That's all there is to move music from iPhone to iTunes on Mac with iPhone Transfer for Mac.
iPhone Transfer supports various kinds of multimedia files transferring, and it also keeps compatible with iPad and iPod touch. It is a must-have utility to keep your files of iPod, iPad or iPhone safe.
Download the iPhone Transfer free to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, copy songs from iPhone to iTunes, as well as movies, photos, books and more.

Sep 21, 2013

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac

Occasionally we are in need of transferring music files from iPhone to Mac for backup, so that it can prevent us from losing our favorite songs. Maybe you have encountered problems when you want transfer music from iPhone to Mac directly. At this right moment you got to know that you cannot extract anything out without the help of a transfer tool. iPhone Transfer for Mac is such a helpful software to solve this kind of tough problems, it can transfer music, videos, photos and any other files from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to Mac. With the aid of it, you can easily store your music on your Mac, thus setting free as much storage as you want of your iPhone.

This article will show you the detailed steps of operating iPhone Transfer for Mac, you can know specifically about how to extracting the music files out of your iPhone and making a backup of it on your Mac.

Step 1: Download and install the iPhone to Mac Transfer software

Step 2: Transfer iPhone music to Mac

1) Click "music" icon to open iPhone music/movie library folder and see all the files are on the interface.

2) Select and check your favorite music and press "Export checked files to local" button to transfer music files from iPhone to Mac.

3) Press "Save" button in the pop-up box
More tips of iPhone Music to Mac Transfer software:

iPhone to Mac Transfer software can help you export music/video off your iPhone and make iPhone music/video backup on Mac local fast and easily, without iTunes' help.

1) iPhone 5 is available for software, sync music/video to iPhone 4S

2) iOS 8.0, iTunes 11 and newest operating system for iPhone

3) Move files between iPhone and Mac, iPhone to iTunes

4) All portable devices supported: iPhone, iPad, iPod

I am sure that after you have read this article or even you have tried this advanced iPhone Transfer for Mac software already, you will thumb up to its fantastic function! No need to worry about how to transfer music from iPhone to Mac. Don’t hesitate to have a try of it!