Oct 20, 2014

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

"Who knows how to transfer songs from pc to iPhone?" 
I bought iPhone 6 a few days ago, and I want to transfer files from my iPhone 5 to iPhone 6. I have already backup all the music files on my computer, so what I need to do is just transfer them to my newest iPhone. Here comes the question, I don’t how to transfer music from computer to iPhone. Anyone who can help me with this problem will be appreciated.

According to most iPhone users, one of their most annoying issues is that transfer music from computer to iPhone. There is no doubt that Apple device especially iPhone are making a growing influence in our life. More and more people are most likely to choose iPhone when they want to purchase new cell phones. That is a trend which can’t be copied by other mobile phone brands.
So files transfer especially music transfer become necessary. Users always need to transfer music from computer to iPhone so that they can enjoy the music. But how can they do that? How to transfer songs from computer to iPhone? Here I suggest you to try iPhone transfer.
This software ensures you to transfer music to iPhone in an easy way. You can focus on the following steps:

Step 1: Install and launch iPhone Transfer on PC, then connect your iPhone to PC

Step 2: Click “Music” and then click “Add” button to choose music files you want

Step 3: Start transferring and you can see your wanted music on iPhone

iPhone Transfer make it easier on how to transfer music from computer to iPhone. It is suitable for iPhone 4/5/5s/5c, iPod, iPad 2/3/4/ mini/air and it acts in a smooth way. As for PC, Win version and Mac version are provided. The most important thing is that iPhone Transfer is totally safe, you don’t need to worry about it’s harmful on iPhone.