Oct 7, 2013

How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

As a music lover, you cannot miss the smart music player – iPod classic. As a professional music player, the device enables you to store huge numbers of songs and offers you excellent tone quality. You can enjoy and relax yourself after busy work. However, new music comes up everyday. One day you will find that your iPod classic is just full and cannot store any song. Thus you need to copy these songs to your computer to save them for a long time.
In order to copy music from iPod classic to your computer, you may need a special iPod to computer transfer tool to help you, and that's why I here to write the article. The best iPod to computer transfer tool is called iPod Transfer, which enables you to do the transfer in just one click. Can't wait experiencing iPod Transfer? Now I will show you how to do the transfer step by step.

Step 1: Run Software and Connect iPod to Computer

Step 2: Click "Export" button and Start Transfer

Step 3: Set the Output folder at Advanced

Step 4:View the transferred Music files on Computer

With iPod Transfer software, you can quickly know how to transfer music from iPod to Computer, and even transfer your songs, playlists and videos straight to iTunes. And it works with all models of iPod, iPhone and iPad and is available for both PC and Mac. Download to have your favorite songs on your iPod easily accessible on your computer.

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